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You Get What You Give….
Jul 2023

You Get What You Give….

Don’t like what you’re getting.
Ask yourself what am I truly giving?
have I planted seeds of love, truth, and respect?
Or have I planted the complete opposite of that?
No good deed goes unnoticed. That’s also true for the latter.
Some people think it’s smooth sailing.
After intentionally causing others so much pain.

Well, they are in for a rude awaking.
My sister my brother.
Do unto others as you would want to be done unto you.
It is not just a statement.
It’s a life contract.
Go against it and watch how life reacts.
Sometimes in life, we seek revenge or desire to get back at a person for the way they’ve treated us.
Or because of the scars they left.
Just remember the title of this poem.
And just breathe!


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