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Narrative/ Perception / Perspective….
Jan 2024

Narrative/ Perception / Perspective….

The human being can be programmed.  Make sure you’re the one programming you. J.Simon

Most people don’t even understand themselves, Yet they constantly gossip and speak about everything
and everyone else.  This is a very dangerous constant. That society faces.

People acting like they know. When they don’t.

Guaranteed fundamentally most humans don’t have an idea of how the mind body and soul actually function.

Allow me to speak on it:

It’s where we spend all of our time.  Yet it’s what most know the least about.
How creepy and ironic is that?

This narrative is the status quo for most. They know more about their cars cell phones, tv’s, and all the other gadgets more than they know about their minds bodies, and souls.

And I’m approaching this from a broad perspective. Outside of my perception.

Allowing myself to embrace this experience. Through experience. Trial and error. Research. Study.
And still, I know nothing.

I’m ok with this knowing!

Be very careful out there. There are more lost souls. Then one’s that are aware.



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