About Me

Black. King. Artist. Self identification in that order. Every moment and encounter is experienced through these prisms.

I was born a lion in the harsh and beautiful jungle of Miami, Florida. I am grateful to be blessed with the tenacity needed to navigate and survive this existence thus far. I am an artist who enjoys every aspect of creativity. Words are my first weapon of choice as it comes to me more naturally than any anything else in nature. I have loved and massaged words together before I understood the meaning of words. The reaction I received from people even at the young age of 5, made me realize words were my gift. I have nurtured it since then and continue to share it with the world. I also love being creative with food and I share my culinary passions through my food catering business.

I have, like most of you, been through some extremely joyful and extremely painful moments. Life has been my classroom, my experiences have been my greatest teachers and my writings have been my sacred outlet. I relentlessly seek knowledge and welcome every opportunity for growth and elevation of my higher being. My driving force for all my art is my desire to help people grow and flourish. I am OBSESSED with finding ways to inspire and teach our beautiful black Queens and Kings who they are, where they belong and their incredible capacity to positively impact this world.

My writings gives you access to my deepest thoughts and feelings. I hope they provide food for thought, comfort, empowerment, inspiration and anything you may need to embark upon your own journey of self truth.


p.s. For more in depth information, please download my Media Kit.