Art cannot be contained

“There is no form to art. Anything that leaves your spirit and lands intact on its creative medium is art.”


There are so many stories in me. Stories about my journey, about ideas, about life. My stories start with a book for kids, the first of a series of children’s book.


I was born a writer so therefore I write. I write about my experiences which means I write about everything. My thoughts and observations often end up in a poem.


Food is art. Food is love. It is art you can consume. I view food as a great way to unite people. Where people are gathered, thoughts and actions are possible. Life happens.

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I am Black and Strong, my second children's book, is now available for purchase. Contact us to purchase. We deliver local and ship nationwide. Order yours today!
New Book Alert!
New Book Alert!
Coming soon to a bookstore near you!
The wait is over, the book is here! I'm Naturally Beautiful is available for purchase on Order your copy today! Thanks for the support!
Book is available!
Book is available!
Don't miss out on my world famous Conch Salad. We deliver for 2 or more orders on Saturdays from 12 pm - 6 pm. These sell out really fast so please pre-order a day ahead of time by calling: (561) 814-9587 or email me with your order.
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Delivery Service