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Did you know ?
Apr 2024

Did you know ?

Did you know some humans are put here not to grow?
Did you know the first people to hurt you are usually the ones you hold close?
Did you know people will make you feel bad for wanting to grow?
Did you know people will project on you rather than dealing with their shit and that’s for sure!
Did you know most people avoid reality?
Did you know blood, doesn’t make you family? Love honor and respect do.
Did you know most people move through facades?  Never finding self.
Did you know every second is a blank canvas? You always can paint the picture you want.
Did you know you (MATTER!) every single second of every single day?
Did you know a person’s behavior towards you? Has more to say about them than you.
Did you know the phrase misery loves company?  Is not just a phrase, It’s true

Did you know? You must protect your peace at all cost.  Because people will pay the cost to disturb your peace……..

Did you know If you’re reading this ? You just received so much love and positive energy…. AsE…..

Did you know?????

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