the writer's black

Feb 2024


I must say. No matter what I remain grateful.
There’s been more than enough reasons to become hateful.

But somehow.  Some way. I remain grateful.

Gratitude even in times of utter pain and despair.
Truly helps me innerstand the whole point of being aware.

If you’re only happy and joyous when things are going well.
You’re completely out of touch with reality because that could never be the case in this realm.

It’s the times that are the most trying.
That will reveal who you are.

If you never face adversity. You will never find out who you truly are.

Anyone can be upbeat and happy when things are going well.

But in the midst of trials errors and things going wrong.

You will find out who you truly are. And can you remain the name of this POEM !!!!!!



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