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Abundance is my birthright…..
Feb 2024

Abundance is my birthright…..

I wasn’t born into sin.
I was born to win!

Royalty is all in my DNA.

Every day in every way I get better.

I survived long enough. It’s time to thrive.

Flourishing is the standard.

No more hanging in there. We’re flying away from there.

Wherever there may be, I know for damn sure it’s more out here for me.

Wings spread Head up.

Let’s grow.

One thing I know is if you don’t let it go.

You will never grow.

Elevation is a must. Everything on this planet is meant to evolve.

Anything not doing so is going against life yall.

Remember abundance is so much more than money.

Abundance is the totality of life. Which is your birthright!!!!

….Abundance is my birthright

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