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Times I will never forget
Mar 2020

Times I will never forget

Thank you for the moments.
Each and every second was a token.
They mattered so much to me.
Your words of wisdom,
Your patience,
Your unwavering love.
Your intentions were always pure.
The phone calls just to check on me.
Meant more than I understood them to be.
Your strength and understanding, In my darkest times.
It allowed me to get through them every time.
I know your energy is protecting me as I navigate forward.
But not having your physical presence here with me.
It is an unfillable void.
The journey continues for sure.
But there will never be anything like,
Journeying with you of course!

Times I will never forget…. 2-10-1955 ^ 1-2-2019

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I am an mother and I found this insightful


I am 44 year old mom. I just bookmarked your page

Latashia Beahm

Thank you for sharing.


Just wanted to say thanks!

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