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The renewal (rebirth )
Dec 2023

The renewal (rebirth )

The time has come again.
I’ve tried it my way once again.
Now I completely submit, to the laws of the universe.

I will only journey in alignment with the highest virtues.
Anything other than that. Life will hurt you.

Anytime I’ve fallen out of alignment with the goodness and greatness inside of me.
I’ve suffered tremendously.

Life will repeat itself through people and experiences. Until the lesson is learned.
Trust me! You do not want to experience the same situations at different levels of your life!

Certain things should not be in your experience any longer.  Things that happened in your teens!
Shouldn’t be happening in your twenties. Things that happened in your twenties shouldn’t be in your,
Thirties and so forth. And I don’t even have to break down what things.

Because we know the things that delay us from being the highest version of who we’re meant to be!
But once you’ve had enough you will know.

The mere thought of doing anything out of alignment with the highest version of yourself,
Will knock you straight. And that’s how you’ll know.

No matter how many times you have to start over.
No matter how many times you get knocked down.

Don’t give up on you.

But stay very aware of the self-inflicted damage you cause too.
Because truly we must not be the weapon formed against self.

While dodging the weapons already out there…..

The renewal ( rebirth )


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