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The Brain Drain ( PowerNomics) Dr. Claud Anderson
Dec 2022

The Brain Drain ( PowerNomics) Dr. Claud Anderson

If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, Black America must stop the brain drain of its best and most talented people out of our Black communities. For centuries Black parents have worked hard and dreamed of sending their children off to get a good education so they could eventually get a good job in a white home, business, or community. Black parents have been no different from white parents who also worked and dreamed of sending their children off to get a good education so they could get job. The greatest difference between the parents other than the most obvious reasons which you I and Amerikkka know, Is the way they perceive that their children will put that good education to use. Whites encourage their children to look within their own communities for business solutions and opportunities. It is almost inconceivable to think a Jew, Asian, or Hispanic telling their children to get a good education to go get a job at a black own business. Black people don’t tell their children that either. It’s very hard to find Whites, Asians, Jews, or Hispanics who have worked for Blacks.

These groups wisely teach their children to use their training and skills to take care of their own group first. Since approximately 90 to 95 percent of all Whites, Asians, and Jews work for their own people within their own communities. Black people become the exception. Only two percent of all working Black Americans work for their own people within their own communities. There is no direct line between a professionally trained Black person and the benefits to the Black community. The new industries and communities we build must be places that provide employment and ownership incentives for Blacks who want to use their skills and expertise toward the PowerNomics vision for the race.

Our schools, Churches, And organizations must join in the effort to instill value for creating employment and wealth-building opportunities within our own communities to end or reverse the brain drain. Black organizations can help reduce the brain drain by fostering and promoting public policy incentives and practices that encourage and provide financial and tax incentives specifically to inner-city Black companies that employ Blacks.

Fifty years ago, nearly 98 percent of all employed Blacks worked in white homes, businesses, and communities. The story of Black domestic workers illustrates how Blacks have always used their intellectual resources for others. There is a parallel in business. Domestics arrived before sun up to start fires and warm homes of white families so they’d wake up and dress in comfort. Blacks then cooked breakfast sent the kids off to school, washed, scrubbed, ironed, sewed, and cooked dinner for the white families.

After feeding the family, cleaning up the kitchen, and putting the children to bed these Black mothers would then return to their homes after dark.  Did anyone ever wonder who in all those years, who was taking care of the Black children ? who fed and watched Black children while Black mothers and fathers were away? I would like to know who is taking care of the Black community and Black Businesses today when nearly 98% of all employed Blacks continue to work outside of their communities in white businesses or offices. Black businesses need black talent. And so does the black race.

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