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Love Naked
Jan 2022

Love Naked

How are you going to love hiding parts of you.

Love is naked truth.

I mean I can’t really know you, let alone love you if I don’t know who you truly are.

And I can’t know who you are if parts are hidden. 

The past is the past, trust me I get it !

But don’t let past pain interupt future living !

I’m telling you this from experience.

If you want to love fully. Let it go.

You think holding on makes you strong.

Letting go makes you stronger though !

The times we’re living in are so unpredictable.

Don’t misinterpret love for temporary feelings.

360* life is a full circle. What goes around comes around. Be careful who you hurting.

Love more

Be fear-less 

           Truth is naked don’t take it out of context!

Love Naked……

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