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Protect your Peace!!!!
Oct 2021

Protect your Peace!!!!

Listen to me clearly.

A person at war with themselves will destroy your peace completely.

The saying misery loves company is true. This is why it’s mandatory to be around beings on the same frequency as you.

Discernment is key 🔑!  Because people pretend well. And a lot of people are not who they claim to be.

Everyone has their own trials test and obstacles in life. Some are going through it. And some are growing through it.

The one’s that are just going through it. You can tell. They are not learning the lessons. Their stuck in a cycle going round and around like a faris wheel

Also leaving scars and continued pain wherever they go.

Claiming contestants like some type of pain show. No accountability for their actions. Hurting people then playing victim is satisfaction. Projecting all their traumas on to others is a sport. And trust me they play it for fun.

Then you have people who grow through life. Using the trials test and obstacles as fuel for growth and development. Not playing the victim role.

Not allowing the things that happens to them affect another. ( This is major 🗣)

Because these people innerstand that it doesn’t matter what happens to them or what they’re growing through. It doesn’t give them the right to cause harm or disturb another’s peace because of  their personal situations.

My type of people !!!!!

Nevertheless take these words in stride..

Because peace is a priority…. That can only be found inside… 

.           Protect your Peace….



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If you don’t protect your peace, who will?!!

Angeline Sanita

The most beautiful piece I have ever read in a while.. #protectyourpeace


    Peace and Harmony. Thank you for reading

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God likes help when helping people.

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