the writer's black

Nov 2020


This is a calling from up above.
Everyone that produces children.
Is not the name in the title above.

There’s so much embodied in this one word.
Having an orgasm, Carrying, and baring a child.
Doesn’t make you one.
Being able to provide shelter and food doesn’t make you one.
Keeping a job or career to provide those things doesn’t make you one either.

Let’s go a little deeper!

Even if you’re doing all those things.

And the consistent pouring of the following is not there.

*Detailed oriented attention
*Unconditional love
*Knowledge of self
*Broad perspective of life
*Spiritual Foundation
*Self Identity
*Ancestral Wisdom
*Critical thinking
* Self-love

The entire structure and foundation will be comprised.
We’re not talking about a building.
This the soul and spirit we’re mentioning.


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