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Love is sacred….
Dec 2019

Love is sacred….

Did you know?
Or did you just think it was a word?
Did you know it was a verb?
Did you know it causes no pain?
Unless your healing.
Unlearning Relearning.
Then the version you’re carrying.
It is not the real thing.
Do you truly know what it is to love?
Or are you confusing your temporary interest with love?
First and foremost.
You have to truly love yourself.
In order for you to love anything or anyone else.
I’ve seen and have been on the receiving end of interest.
Definitely wasn’t love.
Because love wouldn’t allow such incidents.
I know love is sacred.
I’m nowhere near perfect.
Maybe that’s the reason I know.
I welcome my imperfections.
I actually bask in them.
Authenticity is love.

Love is Sacred….



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