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It’s not the same day. You’re the same you.
Jul 2023

It’s not the same day. You’re the same you.

Don’t feel the difference.
I wonder why!
Change nothing. Nothing changes.

Sounds simple. yet it’s so profound.
Everything is changing around you. Rather you see it or not.
It’s still happening now.

Change is guaranteed. Growth is optional.
The main reason so many never experience the changes around them.

Because if you’re not growing progressing changing and getting better.
There’s no life. (NO LIFE)

The purpose and meaning of this very existence is to grow.

And unfortunately, this is a truth most will never know.

You will always be able to tell individuals who stay the same.
They repeat cycles of turmoil drama and negativity every damn day.

They create storms and they cry when it rains. This is the definition of staying the same.

If you want to grow. You have to let go of the things ways and attitudes that are stopping you from doing so.   LET THEM GO AND GROW…

                                                                      It’s not the same day. You’re the same you…

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