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It does exist
Jul 2018

It does exist

The love that singers sing about.
The love that writers write about.
The love that painters paint about.
The tear dropping drama-filled love that actors portray in films.
It does exist.
Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of this love.
Or maybe you haven’t.
You may not even believe it actually even exist.
But it’s proven that it does.
Otherwise, the singers wouldn’t sing about it.
The writers wouldn’t write about it.
The painters wouldn’t paint about it.
And the tear dropping drama-filled love that actors portray in films,
Wouldn’t be possible.
And most of all….. I wouldn’t have found you.
So, therefore, it does exist.


….it does exist

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Nephtalie Pierre-Louis

Nice love it!

Sheryl Thomas

This is amazing


Beautiful 👐


As always the words stand Keep sharing.

Shanise Astor

This MADE me believe that it’s (REAL LOVE) out there. Great outlook


Aliexpress – take your star…

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