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Giving up is not a option
Feb 2022

Giving up is not a option

Trust me, The breaking point is real. Everyone more than once will have the overwhelming feeling to throw in the towel. Call it quits. You know give up ! Mind you there are things that one must give up on for sure. Things that no longer serve your best interest.  Bad habits. Dead relationships.  Dead-end jobs. Things of this nature. 

But giving up on life. Giving up on being a better human. Giving up on your personal development. Giving up on things like these that are stated is a absolute no no. No matter the challenge no matter the obstacle no matter the pressure.  No matter the situation.  This is how God’s are created.  I promise…. Adversity is necessary.  

Wow it hurt to express that one lol. Just thinking about the Adversity in my life like damn that was necessary lol.

But yes it was. I realized Adversity shows you who you truly are.  And what you’re really made of. Truly!

Pressure can bust a pipe.  Or procure a diamond.  Use the challenges and Adversity to make you better.

Because giving up is not a option!!!!!

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