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Nov 2015

Finding You

I’ve been seeking you since conception.
Hidden from the world because you’re not worldly.
Spiritual being molded by destiny.
Greatness and success became one and created you.
There has always been something brewing inside of you.
No matter how many distractions try to distract.
You have a purpose.
That’s aligned you and kept you on track.
Many mistakes were made of course, you’re human.
Lessons were learned because you are never losing.
Caused and causing a lot of people pain trying to find you.
Not intentionally.
But it’s not about intent it’s about impact.
Getting small glimpses of you is not enough.
I want to be whole completely intact with you.
I’ve come to understand the battle is with you.
Sole purpose is to conquer and control you.
The deeper I go the more I understand.
I’m nothing but a boy seeking my inner man.
I’m wise enough to say,
this entire journey is about me.
Let me stay out my own way.

….finding you

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