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chasing the illusion
Feb 2017

chasing the illusion

Don’t waste your time.
Get right to your dreams.
Club hopping and sleeping around isn’t what it seems.
The drug and drinking phase is completely misguided.
There’s a lot of people that don’t return from their first time trying it.
The fashion trend is hilarious.
As long as you have something clean on.
Don’t worry about the name that you’re wearing.
Some music can have you in a complete daze.
You can’t listen to everything.
Because some of that bullshit will definitely affect your ways.
Your circle of friends can become your demise.
Make sure you choose them correctly because they can become your enemies right before your eyes.
Money is needed.
But don’t lose your soul trying to retrieve it.
Remove the cover from your eyes.
And you don’t have to go through it to realize.
It’s all an illusion.
So please don’t waste your time and get caught in the confusion.

…. chasing the illusion

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