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Can’t find yourself?  Go Deeper!
Jul 2023

Can’t find yourself? Go Deeper!

Stuck on the surface.  Guess why?
You think your heaven is in the sky.
When actually that heaven is in your mind, heart, and soul.
Your state of being.
But you can’t be lost in translation. rooted to nothing..  falling for anything…

Too much mental confusion more than anything.
A puppet to life and emotions equals a life full of turmoil & hopelessness.
No wonder why you’re unable to focus.

Most will never discover the depths of their soul.
They are only able to comprehend and process life through the things they touch and hold.

When life is so much more.
But before you can actually know anything you must know yourself.

How are you going to be out here talking about anything? When you don’t even know yourself.
This is a major problem for people who don’t know themselves.
The mouth on full and the brain is on E!

How can I tell you about you?  If I don’t even know about me. This is the cycle we face in society.

Overload of information, Yet we still lack knowledge, wisdom, and common sense.

And this is evident.

But the more you want to know… The deeper you will have to go. Because life is not happening on the surface…


Can’t find yourself go deeper….



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