the writer's black

Jan 2016

Biologically mine

We don’t share the same bloodline,
yet we’re connected by something so much deeper.
Love binds our soul and spirit together.
You’ve made me a better man and now it’s time for you to hear it.
My son I remember that first time you called me daddy.
I knew I was him and the only one.
We grew together which made me your father.
A stronger man that strives much harder.
I entered your life at the tender age of two.
I remember looking in your eyes saying I can,
but not knowing what to do.
But I did it.
I showered you with unconditional love, knowledge and wisdom.
Understanding father son time is what you needed,
but had been missing.
Now you’re ten.
You’ve grown into an intelligent young king,
because of the time and energy I invested.
There’s nothing that can take that away Tj.
I’m your dad, father, friend, role model, mentor.
And I’m here to stay.

….biologically mine

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I love this,


That’s love….. God will reunite you all. Put before Him and keep the faith!

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