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May 2020


February 23, 2020, in the united states of AmeriKKKa.
Land of the thieves built off the backs of Kings and Queens.

Our brother was slain in the street broad daylight.
Chased down like, I would say animal. But in all honesty, AmeriKKKa treats and protects animals better than the black man. Literally.

You get the point!
Two KKK members, Let’s just call it like it is. No need to sugarcoat or downplay anything. That’s what they are. Decided to go catch them a good ole nigger. Pretty sure this was the essence of their energy.

And let us not forget. The essence of that energy is Amerikka.
This is the reason why they felt as if their white skin was a badge of authority,
To chase and MURDER our brother in the middle of the street like nothing.

How easily could this have been you me or somebody close in our families?
Just think about that! I don’t know Ahmaud personally. But the pain hit’s as if I do. Just as I feel the pain of my ancestors and all the evil they went through too.

Brother my vow to you is to continue standing up for something. Being the change I want to see in all facets of life.
It’s beyond sad that this is what’s been happening for generations and decades. And in 2020 it’s still present.

You’re with the ancestors and I know the power and energy it’s going to take to rise above the oppression and systematic destruction set against our people is going to take all the energy of the ones who came before plus the ones here now. I am ready!

Hotep brother.

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Ahmaud…thoughts are education and awareness…its defeating..mind numbing..I have to be careful not to stay in that (defeated or the act of my mind being numb) education…education..that’s what my mind tells me…

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