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Why are we hated?
May 2016

Why are we hated?

We are hated because they know.
They know we are great and it’s about time we show.
Show that enough is enough.
And we won’t stand for any more of the same bullshit they continue to feed us.
We’re hated because of our strength.
Strong and resilient it’s about time we defend.
Defend our minds and families from systematic destruction.
Yet we’re too busy fighting and hating each other.
The power we possess is already known.
Kings and Queens is where we started, sitting on the throne.
Slavery mindset is what they want to continue.
Because of the hatred and the fact that they fear you.

….why are we hated?

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Ernie Gutierrez

Jerod, first and foremost i want to thankyou for taking the time to try. Try and spread your art with me. Im inspired and impressed by your talent. Gold pure Gold. You give me hope that our generation although might be lost, can still be found. I look forward to reading more of your stories and poems. Also i appreciate the token you left me. I will share youre story with my daughter Zaira.


This is powerful…..
We are hated because we are the chosen people and they seek to enslave our minds to keep us away from the truth! #HebrewNation


Absolutely amazing and extremely profound!! It exemplifies exactly what were going through. Time to strip away the slave mentality



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