the writer's black

Aug 2016


Something felt not seen.
Energy fields inside and around you that tap into everything.
People and situations make them go either higher or lower.
If you don’t pay attention your vibrations will be completely out of order.
Being influenced by the wrong people, places and things.
Your vibrations are not meant to be low.
That’s a prime example why you can’t vibe with any and everything.
Be in tune with your vibrations.
They won’t steer you wrong.
Vibrations are everywhere.
Just take a minute! Don’t you feel the vibrations in this poem?
Most definitely in a song.
Or even before someone introduces themself.
Vibrations said go right instead you went left.
Biggest mistake you could ever make.
Is going against your vibrations even when you know it’s your own soul at stake.


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Nice…. Reads like a Caution or Beware sign

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