the writer's black

Nov 2015

Slum Mind Black America

Caged before birth.
Some don’t even have a chance.
Entrapment to conditions and unplanned circumstance.
White man’s land “maybe”.
But they’re not producing fatherless black babies.
An infection of a cycle.
How can another black man be your rival?
It makes no sense.
We should be building networks of opportunity
Instead of those cages they have us locked in.
Destruction of the mind is the best way to destroy a generation.
No knowledge or college education.
Facing the world with a third grade affirmation.
What controls the mind?
What you feed it!
Ghetto mind, outcome ghetto person.
Poor mind, outcome poor person.
Learn from the verses is what’s being said.
Hopefully will control the thoughts in your head.
Only difference between a rich man and a poor man.
Is the thoughts they allow to enter their inner man.
….slum mind black america.
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