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Random thoughts
Dec 2015

Random thoughts

Butterfly’s in your stomach. intuition in your mind.
That feeling that something major,will be happening in a short time.
There’s nothing new under the sun.
What your doing has been did over and over again.
So you’re not the first one.
Unless it’s an invention, truth be told it’s tied to something that’s already been invented.
What’s your definition of winning because love will have you’re freaking head spinning.
Stop overthinking ! Whatever is for you nothing can’t stop it from entering.
Now is what you control. Or do you have some type of divine or demonic spell over you ?
What do I know ? I’m just a poet,writer man seeker of knowledge never went to college.
My point may not be valid.
But it is ! so much so I can make any doubt disappear or fear.
Rest assure I’m living right now right here.

Random Thoughts…..

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keep up the good work
and the message will be heard as intended too.


    Progress… Means I can’t stop and I never will.


So intuitive and thought provoking…. I tip my hat off!

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