the writer's black

Dec 2015


How can you plan for the future if tomorrow’s not promised?
You plan anyway not knowing if your plan will materialize.
So you live day to day.
If we’re living in the now what’s the need for a plan anyway?
To say you’re not structured not clustered, no that’s not the case.
You plan to show the universe this is what you want.
And it’s yours to take.
So many variations to the word plan.
I didn’t plan to write this poem but here it is.
Yes I did!
Because it started with a thought with complete intent to be removed out of my mind.
So plans are vital just as well as the thoughts in your head.
So plan for the future.
Live in now but most of all PLAN.


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This actually really makes one think.


    That’s exactly what it’s intended to do. Thanks for checking out my work.

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