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Nov 2015

Pick Your Head Up

Cell phones have you with your head constantly down.
Missing beautiful scenery, sights
and all the breathtaking views that’s around.
Pick your damn head up.
Everywhere you look,
you see a zombie with a gadget,
removing interaction from their brain.
These are the times we live in.
Attach your whole life to a cell phone.
Even replace a partner or a friend.
I admit I find myself in the same situation at times.
Until I picked my head up,
and the only one I saw up was mine.

….pick your head up

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Shawn joy

I agree that’s all you ever see …


Wow….. I say this all the time. The line “and the only one I saw up was mine….”, so profound! I can see it with everyone’s head down and yours being the only one up, cell phone in hand, your face filled with a state of confusion…… How did we get here. #ProgramedPeople

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