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Note to self
Jan 2018

Note to self

You deserve everything this universe has to offer and then some.
You’re magic.
If anyone or anything is not pushing you towards greatness daily.
You can live without it.
Everyone in your space should keep you in space.
Meaning! Keep you soaring above all the negativity.
Why would you allow anyone or anything play with your greatness?
They are useless and they are not the correct ingredient for your foundation.
There was enough time wasted.
Not maximizing creation.
So you’re at the stage of  !!! No room for procrastination.
And definitely no waiting.
Because everything you want is in constant rotation.

Energy doesn’t stop if you stand still.
It continues to move so you better too.
 Or you will never fulfill what you were put here to do.
Just a note to self if you needed a reminder greatness is looking for you.
Don’t make it hard to find you.


….note to self

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