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My light shining does not dim yours.
Feb 2020

My light shining does not dim yours.

Being the best version of myself is my birthright.
I will progress and grow until I transcend.
You can’t call yourself family or friend if your intentions and actions are not aligned with wanting to see me win.
In every aspect of life.
That’s what I want for you.
With my entire being, I do.
And that’s how it should be.
If we can’t root for each other.
Help each other succeed.
There is no reason for the relationship to proceed.
Is there something in the air?
Because I see so much competition!
Hate, jealousy, and lack of care for one another.
Masked with fake love and shady intentions.
Someone elevating to higher levels should inspire you.
Motivate you to elevate.
Not hate!
We have nothing in common if you can’t relate!!!!!

My light shining does not dim yours….

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