the writer's black

Nov 2015


You scare me sometimes. You’re everywhere I go. Well at least you should be. Your enemy hate is taking over more and more, destroying families. This world truly needs you. But the sad part is half of the world doesn’t know the true meaning of you. You’re nowhere near pain, you don’t move with hurt, but over and over again people tie you with those words. Tell the truth and shame the devil is what grandma said. Hopefully one day we will know the true meaning of you before it’s too late and we’re all dead. I have faith in your power, because you showed the importance of something as simple as a flower. It takes someone completely lost to misuse and abuse you. I have to say, that was me before! But there you came again sharper than a two edge sword, right on the side of my creator. Screaming i’m here to stay. and I need you to spread me. Greater is he so shall I be.


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