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Nov 2015

From Slavery To Mentally Slaved

245 years of it.
Living in a country that very foundation was built upon it.
Blood, sweat, tears, even death.
A repeated cycle for generations.
I’m amazed there’s any of us left.
But somehow we made it.
That black resilience was never penetrated.
We exude power, strength and so much more.
So explain why in every city there’s a black on black war.
Music, tv, labels.
No true value of anything,
is what’s being brought to the dinner table.
Black homes are fatherless.
Mothers are club hopping.
Bottle popping.
Trying to raise kids.
Freedom how?
Hide the truth feed them garbage.
And make them recycle the cycle of the garbage.
Another uneducated generation of black rivals.
Contain them with religion,
quote scriptures out the bible.
But there’s no true knowledge of roots.
Pretty sure that would make them mute the volume.
A race with no voice.
A mental trap for a race with no choice.

….from slavery to mentally slaved.

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