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Divine Union
Feb 2020

Divine Union

Think about it!
Take your time, please.
Now ask yourself.
Do I have the ability to cultivate and nourish one of these?
Cultivate: To acquire or develop
Nourish: Provide with food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition.
Brokedown the definition.
Just to align with my intentions.
This union is literally like hitting the lottery.
It takes two whole human beings.
Destroying each other’s illusions.
Challange reworking of paradigms.
Healing childhood trauma.
Emotionally supporting one another.
Mastering the art of communication.
Holding each other accountable.
Honoring the inner child.
Emotional stability.
And being a safe space for individual healing.
This is possible when the mask are removed.
And authenticity has to be the main tool.

Divine union…..

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