the writer's black

Dec 2015

Blackman stand strong

Come on kings!
Are you seriously telling me,
you can’t see what’s going on behind the scene?
Covert operations to wipe our race clean.
I mean it’s wide open!
But some of you’ll are too busy,
stuck in the streets or clubs to remain focus on what matters.
Gun clatter blood splatters on a daily.
Drugs, drinking and partying all around your lady,
and your beautiful black babies.
What happens next?
They emulate what’s being shown from the head of the throne.
Which is YOU black man.
How do you expect your queen to respect you and stand strong?
We’re not standing at all in this new generation.
I can say a couple are, but not enough to create a strong black nation.
The key resolution is to get up and stop waiting.

….black man stand strong

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