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Black Fathers
Jan 2018

Black Fathers

This is from one black father to the next.
We are targets let’s never forget.
So valuable and vital to our families.
Which makes us a threat.
This was understood in the beginning.
Hence the reason we went from chains to mental enslavement.
So many elements and odds stacked against us Kings !!
But we have no time to sit back and complain about anything.
The best thing we can do is create sources of wealth and elevate our fellow Men and  Women.
Most importantly our children.
Learn, Grow and acquire land.
Destroy the mindset of no ownership and just stuck renting.
We’re at the forefront or on the frontline of massive destruction and dilution.
The plan is to keep large amounts of us trapped on that plantation, I mean institution.
I just wanted to shed light on a few topics.
Because if you don’t use your voice for relevance
Then you’re apart of the problem.


….Black Fathers

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