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Mar 2016

Best things in life are free

This is true.
But without money what can you do?
Seems like money influence your happiness too.
Somewhat at least.
Let’s be honest.
I see it all the time.
It’s hard to stay happy when them bills are constantly on your mind.
But we can do it anyway.
Because true joy will overpower any situation.
And it’s there to stay.
You can smile without a price.
You can give love and change a life.
A candle loses nothing from lighting another candle.
Point exactly.
Don’t be so caught up in the day to day hustle.
That you miss out on the simple but profound moments.
Like someone showing you love.
It may seem like the struggle is never ending.
Trust me I know.
But there’s beauty in the struggle.
I’m in one!
But look! Out came this poem.

….best things in life are free

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Truth! Salvation is Free…..

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