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Jan 2016

Being a dad to you

This is the greatest privilege I’ve been blessed with.
Because being a dad to you has me completely invested.
My mind, body, spirit and soul.
The thought of nurturing you is an honor that makes me proud and I will forever hold close.
As you learn from me,
I learn from you.
We grow together because that’s what real dads do.
The greatness I expect from myself,
I see in you.
It may be challenging figuring each other out sometimes.
You’re every spit of me.
Mental note to myself for those times you show out.
I know I have a major task at hand.
I’m raising a Nubian Queen and I truly understand.
You will automatically know the difference,
between a man that wants something.
And a man that wants one thing.
There’s no way to measure your value.
Your dad is a King.
You’re priceless.
No amount of money or material possession could persuade you to do anything little Goddess.
I’m a firm believer in fate.
I am reminded of it every time I look at your beautiful face.

….being a dad to you

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very well spoken. keep up the good work.

Shawn joy



This is precious…. It’s a blessing to know the value of being a parent

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