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Feb 2016

Be You

Be yourself.
There’s enough people emulating others.
Conformed by another person.
Individuals are at declining numbers.
There’s no more self identity.
Seems like music, television and a list of other things,
are molding personalities.
It’s almost impossible finding someone authentic.
I guess these are the times we’re living in.
But not me.
I shall be myself and all I can be.
I respect my individuality.
Confused and made the fool.
Not being yourself you will always lose.
Remember you’re more than enough.
No need to be something you’re not.
You were created to be you.
Remember that and never stop.

….be you

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I love the line “Remember you’re more than enough….” This is deep, without being too deep for the simple minded. Kind of sad in a way…. “A lost people”.

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