the writer's black

Jan 2016


What is this nonsense?
Or as a black king should I stay in my own lane?
I’m confused because isn’t this a garden tool?
Oops my fault, that’s the other word they use to classify each other.
Definition of b***h is female dog if I’m not mistaken.
They added “bad”, so now you’re a bad female dog for the taking?
How can any female especially a mother,
relate to herself in such a manner?
You can’t be thinking about your children,
so take your ass to the kennel and learn some grammar and self-respect.
Too much time has been wasted.
Now it’s time for a reality check.
Check please! It’s time to go.
There’s too many beautiful black influential Queens from past to present, for you not to know.
Who you are, what you stand for and what you represent.
It’s evident that this bad b***h syndrome is an epidemic that needs to be destroyed.
Fact of the matter is, you have no true knowledge of self and definitely none of your heritage.
But continue being a bad b***h because that’s where your story will begin and end.

….bad b***h

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