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A poem to my ex-wife
Jun 2016

A poem to my ex-wife

We met young and inexperienced.
Well at least me.
You had a prior relationship that blessed you with a son.
Which freed me.
Your prior relationship was toxic and abusive.
That should of warned me.
We moved so fast.
You really never understood or knew me.
I most definitely didn’t know you.
You were already broken and bitter.
By not taking the time out, to truly work on you.
Seeking validation of being a woman through being with a man.
I can’t believe I allowed you to disrespect me over and over again.
The relationship is done between us.
God allowed you to be the mother of my first child.
It should be all about the kids with us.
I raised your son as if he came from my own bloodline.
But now all I ever hear you say is don’t worry about him, He’s not mine.
Are you not wise enough to understand that we are joined by the heart, spirit, and soul.
He will forever be my son and I will never let him go.
God blessed us with a beautiful daughter.
But yet you rather pretend than to be a real mother.
Your actions have shown that you take no pride in being a parent.
There’s nothing held back in this poem so I’m going to let you have it.
You’re just lucky I don’t input your name.
But knowing you !! You’ll take that as having your 5 minutes of fame.
You’re playing with our children’s well being as if you don’t care who or what they become.
You invest more into yourself than your children,Guess who’s the one looking dumb.
When all the pieces truly fall into place.
When my beautiful angels are completely with me being nurtured and cared for in the right way.
I want you to reflect back on each word in this poem.
And remember this date 6-28-16.


….a poem to my ex-wife

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That was deep. Mane I gotta share this there are a lot of men going thru situations like this


    Thanks bro. I’m a living testament of this situation. The nonsense needs to stop. I really appreciate the feedback. Much love bro.


Wow…. The power has shifted!

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